Problems encountered in the use of gear couplings and their solutions

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        In metallurgical machinery and heavy machinery low-speed and heavy-load shafting transmission, shock, vibration and two-axis deviation are the unfavorable factors of proportional convexity. Only the drum gear coupling with good vibration reduction and cushioning effect can improve the operation of the transmission system. Status, and gear couplings are rigid movable couplings regardless of drum-shaped teeth and straight teeth.
According to comprehensive factors such as power machine and coupling load type, speed, working environment, etc., select the type of coupling, and select the coupling type according to factors such as the matching and connection of the coupling.
Check and calculate according to the nominal torque, shaft hole diameter and shaft hole length to finally determine the model of the drum gear coupling.For example, gear couplings are widely used in shaft transmissions of metallurgical machinery and heavy machinery.
Gear coupling processing method: This kind of fault processing is more difficult, and it needs to stop production processing, that is, re-align, or re-align the reducer side, or re-align the reel side.
        First find out the part with larger offset error, so first measure the offset of the coupling to that side, that is, measure the levelness and coaxiality of the main shaft and the level and coaxiality of the reducer main shaft, and then press the quality again. The fault can be eliminated by leveling and aligning the scale.
When the measured concentricity deviation of the coupling is 2n and the reducer side is low, the coupling of the lifting accessories cannot work, and the axial displacement of the inner gear ring exceeds the tooth width. After surveying and calculating, the reducer should be re-according to the quality scale After correcting and adjustment, the operation is normal and the fault is eliminated.In addition, the horizontality and concentricity of the two shafts have a large error, which causes the coupling to be awkward when rolling.
        The reason for the gear wear of the above-mentioned lifting fitting coupling is basically similar. In addition to the normal force, the connecting bolt is also subjected to additional bending moment, which causes it to break.This is the main reason. This kind of reason usually occurs when the level difference between the left and right of the reducer main shaft is large.Furthermore, bolts with small diameters, insufficient strength, or poor bolt materials can also cause bolts to break.
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