NL nylon sleeve inner gear ring

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NL nylon sleeve inner gear ring detailed parameters

Nylon sleeve inner gear ring

The ordinary nylon jacket of NL inner tooth elastic coupling has undergone a series of improvements. It is injection molded with high-strength glass fiber nylon 66. The injection temperature is 330C, the pressure is 9MPA, and the time is 4S. After molding, heat treatment for 1 hour and humidification for 24 hours. , Its strength exceeds 3 times that of ordinary nylon. NL internal tooth-shaped elastic coupling. According to the user's improvement requirements for the original equipment, our factory has launched a series of products such as spline holes, tapered holes, and inch holes, so that users will not worry about non-standard and reduce the cost of customization.As a transmission device, the drum-shaped gear coupling has evolved from the development of ordinary straight-tooth couplings. Drum-shaped gear couplings have various standards and series of products in many advanced industrial countries abroad. The drum-shaped outer gear sleeve is composed of a pair of straight tooth inner gear ring and other parts.The torque is transmitted by the meshing of the inner and outer teeth, and the axis of the inner ring gear of the straight teeth of the drum-shaped outer gear sleeve is oscillated (called angular displacement) to compensate for the relative deviation of the two transmission axes.The greater the bulge in the tooth length direction, the greater the angular displacement, up to 6°. Generally, 1°~1.5° is recommended, while the old gear coupling only allows 0.5°; from the perspective of bending strength and load-bearing capacity, Under the same working conditions, the transmission torque of the drum gear coupling can be increased by 15-20%.The bulge in the tooth length direction makes the tooth pair contact better. Therefore, the drum gear coupling has the advantages of large transmission capacity, large angular displacement, stable transmission, high efficiency and long life.Therefore, straight gear couplings are gradually replaced, and are widely used in metallurgical machinery, heavy-duty and mining machinery, lifting, transportation machinery and other transmissions.

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