Quality classification of steel

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According to the quality of steel, it can be divided into ordinary carbon steel and high-quality carbon steel.
(1) Ordinary carbon structural steel, also known as ordinary carbon steel, has wider restrictions on carbon content, performance range, and phosphorus, sulfur and other residual elements.In China and some countries, it is divided into three categories according to the guarantee conditions of delivery: Class A steel (Class A steel) is a steel that guarantees mechanical properties.Class B steel (Class B steel) is a steel with guaranteed chemical composition.Special steel (C steel) is a steel that guarantees both mechanical properties and chemical composition, and is often used to manufacture more important structural parts.China currently produces and uses A0.20 steel (Class A No. 3 steel) with a carbon content of about 3%, which is mainly used for engineering structures.
(2) Compared with ordinary carbon structural steel, high-quality carbon structural steel has a lower content of sulfur, phosphorus and other non-metallic inclusions.According to different carbon content and uses, this type of steel is roughly divided into three categories: ① Less than 0.25%C is low-carbon steel, especially 0.10F, 08Al with carbon content less than 08%, etc., due to its good depth Punchability and weldability are widely used as deep-drawn parts such as automobiles, can making...etc. 20G is the main material for making ordinary boilers.In addition, low carbon steel is also widely used as carburizing steel for machinery manufacturing. ②0.25~0.60%C is medium carbon steel, which is mostly used in quenched and tempered state to make parts for machinery manufacturing industry. ③More than 0.6% C is high carbon steel, which is mostly used to make springs, gears, rolls, etc.According to the different manganese content, it can be divided into two steel groups, ordinary manganese content (0.25~0.8%) and higher manganese content (0.7~1.0% and 0.9~1.2%).Manganese can improve the hardenability of steel, strengthen ferrite, and increase the yield strength, tensile strength and wear resistance of steel.Usually, "Mn" is added after the grade of steel with high manganese content, such as 15Mn, 20Mn, to distinguish it from carbon steel with normal manganese content.
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