The development of foreign couplings

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Since the 20s, the former Soviet Union, the United States, Germany, the Czech Republic and other countries have successively formulated some basic standards for couplings.For example, the former Soviet Union formulated ROCT60-1973 "Mechanical Coupling Nominal Torque Series" in 19107, which unified the nominal torque series of various types of couplings; the Czech Republic developed CSN1973B026400-7 "Coupling Terminology and Classification"; Germany formulated DIN05 "Elastic Couplings-Basic Concepts and Explanations" in 1975. This is a basic standard for elastic couplings. The standard specifies the terms and definitions of elastic couplings. Calculation methods, various coefficients affecting torque and load, calculation examples are also given in the standard.This standard has a guiding effect on the design and selection of flexible couplings.In recent years, the production of couplings has developed rapidly. Take the drum gear coupling as an example. The transmission capacity of drum gear couplings produced by Renk and Tacke in Germany is 740~150kw. The drum produced by Siemens The transmission capacity of the profile gear coupling is 100000kw, and the speed can reach 100000r/min.
The transmission torque of drum gear couplings produced by several Japanese companies, such as Mitsubishi, Osaka, Kyushu, and Shichuan has reached 4400kN·m.The transmission capacity of the drum gear coupling produced in the former Soviet Union also reached 1000kN·m.
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