The editor will give you a detailed introduction to the ZL type elastic pin gear coupling

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 ZL type Elastic pin gear couplingThe two halves of the coupling are connected by transmitting torque through the pin.After the individual parts of the coupling are processed, the next step of assembly work is required.The main components are two halves of coupling and outer ring, several nylon rods, two baffle plates, and several screws.
1. Put the outer ring on the half coupling and install a suitable baffle on the flange of the half coupling, and use screws to connect the outer ring and half coupling
2. Fill the nylon rod into the hole between the outer ring and the half coupling.
3. Install the other half coupling in the outer ring.
4. Put another nylon rod into the hole of the outer ring and the half coupling.
5. Finally, fix the other baffle with the outer ring of the coupling with screws.
    The nylon pin of the elastic pin gear coupling is a self-lubricating material and does not need lubrication, which not only saves lubricating oil, but also purifies the working environment.The elastic pin gear coupling has the performance of compensating the relative deviation of the two shafts to a certain extent. It is suitable for medium and high power transmission, and is not suitable for working parts that have certain requirements for vibration reduction and strict control of noise.The material of the elastic element pin is generally selected from nylon, which has the ability to slightly compensate for the deviation of the two axes. The elastic part is sheared when working, and its working reliability is extremely poor. It is only suitable for medium-speed transmission shafts with very low requirements, and is not suitable for work. Working conditions with high reliability requirements.
    The elastic pin gear coupling has good compensation performance for axial, radial and angular axis deviation, good vibration reduction performance, simple structure, stable and reliable operation, no noise, no lubrication, convenient maintenance, simple assembly and disassembly, It has good manufacturability, low cost, good versatility, wide application range, and easy promotion.
    One of the most prominent advantages of the elastic pin gear coupling is that it only needs to be centered and installed once. When replacing the elastic element, there is no need to move the half coupling, which can reduce auxiliary man-hours and improve production efficiency. It is especially suitable for axis centering installation. Difficulties, when it is required to minimize auxiliary, provide production efficiency, especially suitable for difficult axis alignment and installation, and it is required to minimize auxiliary working conditions.
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