Ever-Power's new technology product star elastic coupling

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Only with good products can we improve work efficiency in our work and achieve the greatest work goals.Star-shaped elastic coupling is an elastic coupling of new technology products introduced in coupling transmission products in our country. Our company is a professional coupling design and production. According to the introduced technology, we have a certain degree of Modification and processing make the star-shaped elastic coupling easier to be accepted and adopted by the majority of coupling users.
The star coupling is a new type of elastic coupling that mainly uses the elastomer processed from polyurethane raw materials as the elastic element for buffering, shock absorption and wear resistance. There are also many types and specifications of the star elastic coupling. The operating temperature is generally -35-+80 degrees Celsius. It is maintenance-free, simple to disassemble, easy to use, has the advantages of buffering, shock absorption, wear resistance, easy disassembly and assembly, so it can well compensate for the various between the two drive shafts Displacement, common use occasions, transmission torque 20-35000N.M.
Ever-Power Coupling Factory is a professional design and manufacturer of couplings. The company can also customize various (including non-standard) couplings according to customer needs. Users are welcome to consult and negotiate business!
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