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Z19B Expansion Coupling Sleeve

  • Z1 type expansion sleeve
  •   The Z1 type expansion sleeve is composed of inner and outer cone rings. The structure is compact and light, suitable for occasions with small installation space. It can be used in place of various key connections or interference fit connections. In order to transmit large loads, multiple pairs of expansion sleeves, single The side compression does not exceed 4 pairs of rings, and the bilateral compression can reach 8 pairs of rings...

  • Z2 type expansion sleeve
  •   The Z2 type expansion sleeve is composed of an open double-cone inner ring, an open double-cone outer ring and two double-cone compression rings. It is tightened with an inner hexagonal bolt, and the elastic ring does not move axially relative to the hub when tightening. , Compared with the Z1 type, the same pressing force can produce greater radial pressure...

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