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specialize in electricity transmission products, CATV goods, mechanical seal, hydraulic and Pheumatic, and promotional products. Our merchandise are produced by modern day computerized machinery and products. Because of to our sincerity in providing best service to our customers, comprehending of your demands and overriding feeling of accountability toward filling buying demands,
Stainless Metal EPT Adapter 1N with StraigEPTT NPT Thread

We are EPTTized in EPT hose fittings, ferrules, adaptors, couplings, stainless metal fittings amp brass fittings

1). BSP, JIC, NPT, ORFS, SAE male, woman fitting, straigEPTT amp elbow, nuts, ferrules
2). Metric male, woman fitting, straigEPTT amp elbow, nuts, ferrules
three). Reusable fittings
four). A single-piece fittings

2. EPT Adaptors:
one). BSP, JIC, NPT male, female adaptor, three waEPTTtee four waEPTTtee
2). ORFS, SAE, Metric male, woman fitting, straigEPTT amp elbow, nuts, ferrules

3.Stainless Metal (316SS / 304SS) amp Brass amp EPT fittings:
NPT,JIC,BSP and so on threaded male and feminine fittings amp adaptors for minimal amp substantial pressure

The SAE J516 stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd for EPT fittings specifies that fittings shall be plated with a substance that passes a seventy two-hour salt spray test in accordance with ASTM B117.
Our fitting can stand for at lEPT 96 several hours.


1N-02-02 02MP-02MP one/eight-27 1/eight-27 .188 .188 one.060 .438
1N-04-02 04MP-02MP 1/4-18 one/8-27 .281 .188 1.260 .625
1N-04-04 04MP-04MP one/4-eighteen 1/four-eighteen .281 .281 one.450 .625
1N-06-02 06MP-02MP 3/eight-18 1/eight-27 .406 .188 one.260 .750
1N-06-04 06MP-04MP 3/eight-eighteen 1/4-eighteen .406 .281 one.450 .750
1N-06-06 06MP-06MP 3/8-eighteen three/eight-18 .406 .406 1.450 .750
1N-08-04 08MP-04MP 1/2-14 one/4-18 .531 .281 1.700 .875
1N-08-06 08MP-06MP 1/2-fourteen 3/8-18 .531 .406 .875
1N-08-08 08MP-08MP 1/two-14 1/2-fourteen .531 .531 1.890 .875
1N-twelve-04 12MP-04MP three/4-fourteen one/4-18 .719 .281 1.770 one.a hundred twenty five
1N-12-06 12MP-06MP three/4-fourteen 3/eight-18 .719 .406 one.770 1.125
1N-12-08 12MP-08MP 3/four-14 1/two-14 .719 .531 one.960 1.125
1N-12-twelve 12MP-12MP 3/4-14 3/4-fourteen .719 .719 one.960 hundred twenty five
1N-sixteen-04 16MP-04MP one-eleven-one/2 one/four-eighteen .938 .281 one.960 1.375
1N-16-06 16MP-06MP 1-eleven-1/two three/eight-18 .938 .406 1.960 one.375
1N-16-08 16MP-08MP 1-eleven-1/2 one/two-14 .938 .531 2.a hundred and fifty one.375
1N-16-12 16MP-12MP 1-eleven-1/2 three/4-14 .938 .719 hundred fifty one.375
1N-sixteen-sixteen 16MP-16MP 1-11-one/2 1-11-one/two .938 .938 2.340 1.375
1N-twenty-twelve 20MP-12MP one-1/4-11-1/two three/4-14 1.250 .719 2.260 1.750
1N-twenty-sixteen 20MP-16MP 1-one/four-11-one/2 1-11-1/two one.250 .938 2.450 1.750
1N-20-twenty 20MP-20MP one-one/four-eleven-one/2 one-1/4-11-1/two 1.250 one.250 two.480 one.750
1N-24-12 24MP-12MP 1-1/two-11-1/two 3/four-fourteen 1.five hundred .719 two.360 two.000
1N-24-16 24MP-16MP 1-one/two-eleven-one/two one-11-one/two 1.500 .938 two.550 two.000
1N-24-20 24MP-20MP one-1/2-11-one/two one-one/four-eleven-1/2 one.500 1.250 two.580 two.000
1N-24-24 24MP-24MP one-one/2-eleven-one/two 1-1/2-11-1/2 1.five hundred one.500 two.610 two.000
1N-32-twelve 32MP-12MP 2-11-one/2 3/four-14 1.938 .719 2.540 2.500
1N-32-16 32MP-16MP 2-eleven-one/two one-eleven-1/2 1.938 .938 2.730 2.500
1N-32-20 32MP-20MP two-11-1/2 1-1/four-eleven-one/two 1.938 one.250 two.760 2.500
1N-32-24 32MP-24MP two-eleven-one/2 1-1/2-eleven-1/two 1.938 one.five hundred 2.790 two.500
1N-32-32 32MP-32MP 2-eleven-1/2 two-eleven-one/two one.938 one.938 two.820 two.500
1N-forty-40 40MP-40MP two one/2-8 2 1/2-8 two.318 two.318 three.950 3.000

Image of EPT

Production Flow

EPT : Stainless Steel

All of our EPTTs are CNC EPTTs, dimensions are much more secure and precise than instrumentation EPTT.


EPTT: 5 layers corrugated carton 24cm X 24cm X 16cm

EPTen Situation: 110cm X 80cm X 75cm

Generally 42 corragetd cartons are packed in a picket scenario.


Q: Is it stainless steel fitting?

A: It is created of carbon steel, if you need to have stainless metal one, we also can produce it for you.

Q: Is it stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd EPT fitting?

A: Sure, all of our EPT fittings are stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd areas.Every single of EPT hose can locate our EPT fittings to match for.

Q: Can you print model and our brand name on the ferrule and fitting?

A: We can print product and your manufacturer on the ferrule, but there is no sufficient area to print them on the fitting, just brand is okay.

Q: Can you produce fitting according to sample or drawings?

A: Yes, we can generate fitting in accordance to your samples or drawings.

Q: Can you galvanize zinc in EPTT color?

A: Sure, it can be made in EPTT shade, anyway, we recommend to use siliver zinc plated fitting simply because it is ROHS compliant.

Other EPT we EPT
Besides fittings and ferrules, we also produce rubber hoses.
If you are going to require, you should make contact with us.

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