The coupling is divided into lubricated and non-lubricated maintenance

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  The maintenance of couplings can be divided into couplings that require lubrication and couplings that do not require lubrication.
    For couplings that require lubrication, such as gear couplings, chain couplings, and slider couplings, the lubrication state of the coupling must be ensured.The lubricating oil film has a great influence on the performance and service life of the coupling. Without sufficient oil lubrication and viscosity, the oil film cannot be formed, which will lead to direct contact between the metal components, which will damage the wear and abrasion of the coupling components. , Thereby increasing the load on the shaft and the accessories on the bearing, which is very harmful to the coupling.Therefore, the couplings that use lubricating oil should be inspected regularly, and damaged seals and aging lubricating oil should be replaced.
   For couplings that do not require lubrication, such as diaphragm couplings, star elastic couplings, plum-blossom elastic couplings, and tire couplings, check whether the couplings are loose or worn, such as It is necessary to repair or replace the components in time if the above situation is found.Couplings play a very important role in various types of machinery, so it is necessary to establish regular equipment inspections, maintenance and special personnel responsible for the rules and regulations to ensure the normal operation of the coupling, increase the service life and work reliability.
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