Ever-Power resolves the life problem of the coupling for you

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        The life of the elastic coupling: The quality of the elastic cushion of the elastic coupling is uneven, and the service life is not specified in the national standard.Its life is related to the torque and speed of the motor.The life requirements of the coupling should be considered from many aspects. First of all, we must understand the effect of the coupling in the entire transmission process.In daily use, the coupling has been misinterpreted by many people as only having the effect of transmitting torque, but the actual situation is that in addition to transmitting torque, the coupling can also play a role in maintaining equipment.
        In terms of the coupling itself, the differences in materials and processes will have a great impact on the service life of the coupling.So you have to know that the service life of the coupling can be from the working conditions of the equipment, the material of the coupling (primarily the elastic element or other coupling accessories), and the technology of the coupling.
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